God said, "I do not desire to see that any should perish for lack of knowledge." 

Everyday we are bombarded with life's situations.  What do we do when those situations hit?  What affect they have on you and those around us are all contingent upon what fills the corridors of your mind.  You are the byproduct of your thoughts. When you change the way you think, you will change the direction your life travels. But for some of us, it's not that we do not desire to change, we just do not know how to go about getting there.

If you are seeking change and a closeness to God, but just do not know how to get there, you are just where God wants you to be.  It is there that God can reach you and begin to teach you.  It is my desire to give to you the knowledge to move beyond what you have ever known.  It is my desire to open your heart to the things of God.  How far you go in God is up to you? 

I pray that this sample lesson will spark a desire in you to know more of God. If you will commit yourselves to this course of study, you will begin to see change and you will grow to levels in the Spirit as never before.  God will begin to build His church in you.  Through this study, you will learn who you are spiritually speaking, where you fit into God's plan and with time, how to walk in the realm of the spirit. 

What do you have to lose?  Below you will find the first lesson.  Read it, meditate on it and let the hand of God move through you to inspire you to continue. If you would like more of this teaching, feel free to sign up.  I guarantee you, that you will never be the same.